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Shisham Wood Reclining Chair Shisham Wood Chest/Table with Iron Grills
BIC 333 BIC 430
Shisham wood reclining chair with
adjustable levels- 20x54"
Shisham wood chest/table with
iron grills -

Shisham Wood Center Table with Iron Grills Shisham Wood Dining Chair with Iron Grills
BIC 441 BIC 446
Shisham wood center table
with iron grills - 43x24x16"
Shisham wood dining table
chair with iron grills
- 18x38"

Shisham Wood Chests with Iron Shisham Wood Octagonal Table with Iron Grill Base for a Glass Top
BIC 451 BIC 459
Shisham wood chests with
iron in a set of three
Shisham wood octagonal table
with iron grill base for a glass top
- 25x25x155"

Shisham Wood Television & Dish/Video Player Cabinet with Iron Grill Doors Shisham Wood Cabinet with Three Drawers
BR 537 BIC 539
Shisham wood Television &
Disk/ Video player cabinet with 2
iron grill doors -
Shisham wood cabinet with three

Shisham Wood Cabinet with Iron Grill Door Iron Chair for a Center Table
WS 101 WS 202
Shisham wood cabinet with iron
grill door -
Iron chair for a center table - 33"

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